Here are a few GIF files that I have constructed from old shoots. I am not a very good GIF-maker, but I do like to have fun. My apologies for those with slow connections--some of these files are rather large.

This is Bobby Jaber, a sculptor, watching you as you watch him.

This is the Durian-headed Meat-armed Man. Note the small stick of incense that we used to light the police car in the foreground.

Kenny let me make a Spaghetti Western-style image of him. I thought this felt like a gritty way to animate our small miniature set. It reminds me of when the film in the projector is about to snap and melt on the projector bulb (which I actually got to experience in the theater watching Jackie Brown!)

I was very proud of the telephone cord that was long enough to spell "Girl Talk" in this GIF. Thanks Dollar Store for still keeping those old school extra-long cords!!!!

My wife and I like to put out a Merry Christmas card every year. The 2013 card required a model helicopter, a cat shoot, painted army men, a castle, our own self portraits with a found dress and mock tuxedo. Since we didn't get the printed version till well after the New Year, we made it a New Year's card. This was inspired by the first scene in the movie "View to a Kill" from the mid '80s. Watch my 'making of' video here.

I'm late in discovering how easy it is to make GIFs. When I learned that I could go through old shoots and make animations from the small differences in poses that exist in original shoot material, I went overboard. This animation of Brooke Waggoner suffers from my overzealousness, but is still fun. I love that she blinks.

Everyone needs to enjoy a hot dog GIF. Somehow, it just makes a fella's day better. I made a trucker's cap from this photo for working on food shoots. Uniforms are VERY important for the maintenance of morale and they elicit respect.

My buddy Laws. It feels like he's watching the viewer view him.

This shoot was artist John Paul Gillette's concept. Gillette feels that beige is the most impotent of the colors. He built an entire gallery exhibit around beige. In this image, the power of the devil is diminished by a sea of beige. Our poor model kept this hunched pose for about 20 minutes and was an incredible sport about the whole thing.

DJ is a killer guitarist. While making his portrait, I asked him to turn around a few times and wink at the camera.